Real Life Survivor

You're living in a real-life survivor.

Alison the Writer
May 3, 2017

Where you are in life is in direct proportion to how well you get along with others. Survival for humans means living in groups for safety. It means being able to cooperate and collaborate with others. Those who “don’t fit in” become outcasts.

This is true even if we don’t live on a savana anymore. Our entire lives revolve around getting along with others. And having charm makes that so much easier. Charm is survival today. People with charm move through life easier because they are able to get along with others and get what they want from others without frustration.

Charming people are able to get the things they want out of life with ease, while everyone else fights and bickers with one another. The Charmer stays out of trouble and manages to get everyone to cooperate with what he/she wants done.

Not having Charm means you don’t get what you want and need. It means that you have trouble getting people to help you and cooperate with you. Not having Charm means you get voted off the island of life.

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Alison the Writer
Alison is an avid book reader and great writer for CA. Her favorite thing to do is watch Youtube videos and spend time with her family.