Fine Lines vs. Deep Wrinkles

Fine Lines vs. Deep Wrinkles. What Matters the Most for Youthful Looking Skin

Alison the Writer
May 3, 2017

HERE’S THE TRUTH about sagging and folding skin: The easiest lines to get rid of are the NEW fine lines, not the older deeper lines. Deep lines and folds take much longer, but tiny lines can be reduced very quickly. The finest lines are the EASIEST to get rid of and have the biggest affect on the youthfulness of skin. Look at the dramatic difference in this picture. It is the removal of finer lines that makes this woman look 20 years younger, not the deep ones.

Harsh weather, cold winters, blazing hot sun and dry skin also causes premature aging. To protect against these conditions, you need a serum that will protect your face and repair fine lines at the same time. A serum that will hydrate and protect your face for hours.

The younger you start the better. I know someone who used anti-aging cream on their hands for years and even though they are much older, their hands look younger than mine.

The people at Dead Sea Facial Serum are giving away free trials to test out. However, this is not a miracle serum and it only promises to get rid of fine lines, boost collagen, and hydrate skin. Nothing truly miraculous, but it is FREE. You can get a free bottle here.

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Alison the Writer
Alison is an avid book reader and great writer for CA. Her favorite thing to do is watch Youtube videos and spend time with her family.