Is Bark Box Man's Best Friend for Man's Best Friend?

Alison the Writer
May 3, 2017

BarkBox is a subscription service that sends goodies for your dog right to your doorstep each month. They deliver a unique set of toys, treats, chews and other useful goodies, such as travel bowls, to you on a shipment cycle. Each box contains 4 to 6 items that are tailored to the size of your canine. These boxes are so interesting that it is actually debatable over who likes it more, the human or the pup. 

The Bark Box Model

What's Different About BarkBox

There are many monthly subscriptions available for dog owners, however, BarkBox still stands above the crowd. Here are a few reasons:

  • All-natural ingredients in dog treats
  • Dog toys and chews made in the US or Canada
  • Super Chewer Box that includes extra chews for dogs who love to chew
  • If your pup likes a particular item, you can order it directly from their site
  • Box prices are consistently lower than what one could get similar products for at retail 
  • All Products are Tested on Their Pack and if your dog doesn't Like an Item they will send another one
Birthday Bark Box

BarkBox Prices

Bark Box prices are based on how often a box is shipped with monthly shipping being the least expensive and a one-time shipment being the most expensive. These surprise box businesses such as Birch Box, Fabletics, and Dollar Shave have started to be given as gifts and BarkBox is one of them. These unique boxes have become a popular gift for dogs and their owners this past year. Also, since each box is unique, you never have to worry about someone already having the items in the box.

 Opening a BarkBox & Comparison

Here is a great review of BarkBox compared to PawPack and PetPack.


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